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cWatch EDR


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90 days data retention


A complete endpoint security solution for SMB's and enterprises

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All Plans Come With

Comodo Managed Policy

All cWatch EDR license holders including the free one have access to Comodo Managed Policy which is fully customizable and covers almost all malware behavior including APTs, file-less attacks, memory and powershell abuse.

Clear Visualizations of Event Timelines

Providing visualizations along with list of view detailed data is by far the best way of presenting information that will imminently be followed by effective counter actions. Our goal is to provide actionable knowledge rather than just arbitrary information.

Custom Alert Definitions

Infinitely many IOCs can be created via fully customizable COMODO Recommended Policy. Users are free to make any modifications on the recommended policy as well being able create new ones. These policies create alerts for non malware attacks such as powershell exploits, ransomware and advanced persistent threats.

Comodo Global Threat Intelligence

Comodo verdict systems respond 200 million file queries per day and more than 300 million unknown files each year through tightly integrated Comodo solutions and our active global community of threat researchers. cWatch EDR aggregate Comodo's global threat intelligence and managed threat hunting services with information collected from the ultra-lightweight endpoint agent leads to imminent success in fighting with any form of malware.

Simple and Fast Deployment

Regardless of how many endpoints you have, it is extremely easy and fast to deploy cWatch EDR either via GPO (Group Policy Object) or remote script execution on Comodo ONE portal. Once you make your decision, your time to value is almost non-existent.

Automated Notifications

All cWatch EDR license holders including the free one have ability to construct their own notification policies as we believe dwell time is a very important parameter in cyber security.

24/7 Live Technical Support

Comodo customers depend on our outstanding and reliable customer service. Our support team exceeds the standards that are set.