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Ease of deployment and configuration Green Tick IconcWatch EDR can be deployed through GPO (Group Policy Object) or by remote script execution over Comodo One. Red Tick Icon Nowhere near cWatch EDR
≤ 100 Up to 16 hours
≤ 300 Up to 24 hours
≤ 500 Up to 35 hours
≤ 750 Up to 48 hours
≤ 1,000 Up to 58 hours
≤ 2,000 Up to 67 hours
≤ 3,000 Up to 77 hours
Green Tick Iconit is advertised that it can be deployed up to 70k endpoints in a day.

Still not comparable to cWatch EDR
No specific number has been reached.
SIEM Integration Green Tick IconcWatch EDR is a product of cWatch family and so it provides SIEM integration. Red Tick Icon No in house SIEM tool.

Only over third parties.
Green Tick Icon Done through Falcon SIEM connector Red Tick Icon Only over third parties.
Vendor Supplied IOCs Green Tick IconcWatch EDR comes with a full set of recommended IOCs. In addition to this, customers can define infinitely many number of IOCs to satisfy their needs. Green Tick Icon Supports inputting condition based rules but in a very limited way. Green Tick Icon Supports inputting condition based rules but in a very limited way. Red Tick Icon Heavily depends on AI rather than IOC definitions. It is likely to have outdated software.
MSSP Support Green Tick IconcWatch EDR provides full support on SMBs and enterprises with tendency towards managed endpoint security services. Red Tick Icon No MSP support. Red Tick Icon Does NOT support managed threat hunting. Red Tick Icon Does NOT support managed threat hunting.
Device & File Trajectory Green Tick IconcWatch EDR allows users to track suspicious/malicious processes taking place in an endpoint with full visibility into the events resulted by those processes. In addition, Comodo AEP users can also track blocked and quarantined files. Red Tick Icon Does NOT provide where the file has traveled from the aspect of file. Red Tick Icon No device trajectory Green Tick Icon Provides file and device trajectory.
Integrated File Analysis Green Tick IconVery well employed.

Valkyrie deploys two types of technologies - Automatic analysis and Human Expert analysis. The techniques used for automatic analysis include Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Valkyrie Plugins and Embedded Detectors, Signature Based Detection, Trusted Vendor and Certificate Validation, Reputation System and Big Data VirusScope Analysis System.
Red Tick Icon Non-existent. Green Tick Icon Very limited.

CrowdStrike does not have a sandbox, but instead uses machine learning.
Red Tick Icon Non-existent.

Cylance is focused on antivirus and employs algorithms as its only detection method
Full Attack Chain Visualization Green Tick Icon Excellent visualizations.

cWatch EDR provides visualization for 3 stages of the attack.

Early warning: Customer defined IOCs and COMODO's recommended rule set flags alerts for suspicious events resulting in reduced dwell time.

Detection: Attack vectors are visualized, and full attack chain can be seen.

Post-detection: Visualizations of the past attacks help accumulate a knowledge base for future attacks.
Green Tick Icon Provides good enough visibility into the environment.

Lateral movement can be traced as well as the source of the attack vectors.
Red Tick Icon Limited

CrowdStrike does not provide

device trajectory.
Red Tick Icon Needs Improvement on attack chain visualizations.

Lacks summarized data visualizations as well.

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