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  • Is there a way to know how the attackers got into my environment?
  • Is there a way to know what the full attack chain is like?
  • Is there a way to protect myself against file-less malware?
  • Is there a way to see lateral movement of a file along with the events related to it?
  • Is there a way to create visuals that tell about the compromises in my environment?
  • How long does it take to be alert to suspicious activities?
  • How long does it take to be alert to malware?

Do your endpoints need protection against file-less attacks, memory exploits, abuse of powershell?

  • Custom advanced event definitions
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  • Custom notification services
  • Service Desk Ticket Management
  • 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center
  • Managed Security Service
  • SIEM Integration
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What does it take to achieve perfect endpoint security?

Endpoint security requires good visibility into endpoints at base event level. In addition, information should be served in a way to engage users towards taking the right actions to remediate the compromises through the right analysis of the root causes. Endpoint security should include protection against known malware as well as zero day and file-less attacks.

We Secure and Monitor Your Endpoints Against Cyber Attacks

Comodo cWatch EDR is also offered as a Managed Security Service (MSS) operating in a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.
This tranlates into software (no appliance required) designed to give insight into your company's endpoints.

Full Visibility at Base Event Level

Real-time visibility and continuous analysis are the vital elements of the entire endpoint security concept. cWatch EDR enables you to perform analysis into what's happening across your environment at base event level granularity. This allows accurate root cause analysis leading to better remediation of your compromises.

Clear Visualization of Event Timelines

Providing visualizations along with list of view detailed data is by far the best way of presenting information that will imminently be followed by effective counter actions. Our goal is to provide actionable knowledge rather than just arbitrary information.

Intuitive Navigation by any of Endpoints, Hash, Base and Advanced Events

cWatch EDR users are privileged to have access into easy to navigate menus that provided details on endpoints, hashes as well as base and advanced events. Users are provided with detailed file and device trajectory. Plus they navigate on single events to decode the bigger problems causing compromises.

Simple and Fast Deployment

Regardless of how many endpoints you have, it is extremely easy and fast to deploy cWatch EDR either via GPO (Group Policy Object) or remote script execution on Comodo ONE portal. Once you make your decision, your time to value is almost non-existent.

Unrivalled Customization for Alert Definitions

Infinitely many IOCs can be created via fully customizable COMODO Recommended Policy. Users are free to make any modifications on the recommended policy as well being able create new ones. These policies create alerts for non malware attacks such as powershell exploits, ransomware and advanced persistent threats.

Supported by COMODO Threat Intelligence Laboratories

Comodo verdict systems respond 200 million file queries per day and more than 300 million unknown files each year through tightly integrated Comodo solutions and our active global community of threat researchers. cWatch EDR aggregate Comodo's global threat intelligence and managed threat hunting services with information collected from the ultra-lightweight endpoint agent leads to imminent success in fighting with any form of internet from.

How Does cWatch EDR Work?

cWatch EDR continuously collects events from your endpoints via its light weight agent and centralizes them in our cloud environment. Comodo Threat Laboratories' pedigree and Comodo Managed Policy are the two main pillars of your security.

Valkyrie offers extremely fast returns on unknown files running across the endpoints and your security policy creates instant alerts and notifies you about suspicious activities performed by potentially bad applications. These alerts are defined for ransomware, memory exploits, powershell abuse and so more. It's good that your policy is 100% customizable according to your needs and expectations.

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